sweet dreams

Daniel Dorell has created a complex maze diorama, both curious and scary
We consider ourselves so lucky to live where we do. We think that we've won the life lottery really. To be surrounded by the most amazing creativity in one of the nicest towns on the planet is the bees knees. One thing we've learnt by highlighting shows each week is there is a variety of venues, all of which need to be looked at. For us, one of the most underrated are those galleries that are attached to municipalities, often existing within the walls of local government.

Kate Rohde continues to excite us with her sublime mix media creations
Opened last week is a terrific group show In Your Dreams at Counihan Gallery in Brunswick - in the delightful City of Stonnington. Curators Edwina Bartlem and Victor Griss have brought artists together that dive head first into the surreal, the imagined and yes of course dreaming and perhaps nightmares too. 

this gorgeous Princess and the Pea work by William Eicholtz was a favourite with the kidlets
We were  so impressed that the text panels had a sort of 'parental guidance' edition beneath it. Giving the show a clever education trail that can help parents and teachers guide smaller peeps through the show. This is also a great way to read work as an adult audience. When you see so much you can often can become a bit flip or jaded so having these text panels push your attention in different ways is a good thing.

a whole room was dedicated to the silhouette animation by Yandell Walton
There's film, collage, sculpture, photography even diorama. I was also intrigued by a beautiful sound work by Dylan Martorell that added to the whole 'otherworldliness' of the show and enriched a space that can often feel a bit sterile or forced. This is of course the downfall of town hall exhibition spaces. But given the right curatorial staff and program they can thrive and develop their own independent character.

Gracia and Louise stole the show with their exquisite installation
A highlight for us was the well considered installation by the hardest working artists we know. Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison's corner of wonder includes drawings, collages, hand written musings, accordion books and more formal framed work. They are the ideal duo to transport us into a dream world populated by dancers, circus performers and endangered species. In our dreams these two get to make a film with Wes Anderson!

Beck's fear of clown means she may have to avert her gaze at this point

So when your down your local high street consider your city galleries as a potential gold mine, or at least another venue to add to your long list of visual feasting opportunities. Here in Melbourne we are spoilt for choice. Here are just a few:

In Your Dreams is open until June 8 RAMONA

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