Colour and Movement

We will have to be the masters of pop ins this week as the ladies of HML have an avalanche of work coming at us. We'll be popping down to 45 Downstairs to see Beck Wheeler's show because (quite frankly) she's a genius. Only open until Saturday so quick sticks.

We'll be getting the tram over to Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn to Subject Matter Art Space to see the group show poorly title New Ceramics. No matter, the names are what's important and we love to see work by Robyn Phelan any day. We'd telly you about everyone else in the show but its proving to be a bit tricky to get information on this show. We can tell you that the gallery is only open Thurs-Sun so plan accordingly.

We are actually big fans of both Kate Gagliardi and the Rooftop artspace so her show launch is a win win for us. Her work is creepy and unsettling but in a neon kind of way so it's energising too. Just as well as it's pretty cold up there on the roof of Curtain House!



knot easy knot hard

The ladies of HML have been immersing themselves in macrame this past month. It seems to be everywhere at the moment (or is that just us?). Our 2012 motto is 'upskill' so we've both been trying out some little experiments before embarking on a 'very big project' to get our skills in order. I've become a little obsessed with the Josephine knot after Beck sent me a link to this wrapping project and now my Josephine knots are turning up on everything in the house.

I'm incorporating one into my May wreath somehow which you'll see next week. I'm getting better, but its a small start I know! RAMONA



bountiful enjoyments

Ok there is a confession to be made. The ladies of HML have not yet been to see the Unexpected Pleasures show at the NGV. Not for lack of interest, we've just been swamped with work and illness. We do hear on the grapevine that this collection of over 200 contemporary jewelry pieces curated by Susan Cohn is very impressive. I promise one or both of us will get there soon and report more eloquently!

Oh and the name of this show is terrible - you Google it and all sorts of seedy things come up. I will not make any cracks about taking your partner to Unexpected Pleasures because quite frankly that is just silly and gross (nurse!). It's on until August, but that is not as far away as you think. RAMONA


Market of the Weekend

The ladies of HML know that on occasion we can all suffer from what we refer to as 'frankie fatigue' - that jaded feeling that you'll never put the hip in hipster no matter how many vintage objet you surround yourself with. When Finders Keepers comes around it may be easy to mentally shrug it off as just another indie design market but we don't think this is the case - there is a level of loveliness and talent that means it is THE indie market and is well worth the visit with purse in hand.

Remember when you go shop - put your money where your inspiration is. It's all very well to look at the handmade and think you could do it, or you could do it better but it's these makers that keep our creative world spinning and they need our support. We heart FK and all those that sail in her. PS don't forget it is only on tonight and Saturday - NOT Sunday so don't miss out.


Gift of the week

My friend Miss B celebrates her birthday today and I wanted to make her something pretty.
She has lots of bits and bobs so I put together this drawer bookend set. As you can see it comes in about a million bits and pieces and with no instructions I had to get the intern to work out how go put it together.
It's reversible so if she prefers the green side or just feels like a change she can flip it round. Yes it's very pink. I will not apologize for that!
Funnily enough I sort of prefer it without the drawers. Perfect for displaying Knick knacks, treasures, shells, stones, all sorts of good stuff (toy cars?). Happy birthday B!




The ladies of HML will probably go as far as to say this is the not to be missed show of the year. Rayna Fahey is the founder of Radical Cross Stitch and co founder of the Craft Cartel. This is craftivism at its most passionate. This does interest us of course, as a phenomenon and antidote to the twee soft focus tea party craft that has been so much at the forefront of the handcraft resurgence (not that we don't love that too - we are funny that way - we love it all). 

But you know what? We are really really interested in seeing what Fahey MAKES. Those two hands, so politically committed to making trouble, have created some beautiful and subversive pieces. We are so glad she is finally having a solo show.

The Incinerator gallery, albeit in a really awkward out-of-the-way location is well worth a visit. this amazing building was designed by the Burley Griffins and is a great space. Car pool it people. Totally worth it.



inside the dolls house
Sorry that we are a bit slow telling you about this great show on at Flinders Lane Gallery. These assemblages by Sydney based artist Susan O'Dohery are very inspiring and have to be seen in situ to really get their full impact
The show is only on until the 14th so you will have to hop to it. If you can't make it you can look at installation shots here and learn more about Susan here
There is something so beguiling about shadow box style assemblages. Perhaps it is the horder/collector in me that is drawn into these imaginary worlds. amazing stuff.



the super low-fi consumptives guide to Easter decorations...

While Ramona has been busy whipping up the most beautiful and delightfully festive Easter decorations at hers we've been beset by the Black Lung here at mine. This has thrown a rather large spanner in my own plans so we've had to opt for a suitably reduced decorating scheme based around brown paper lunch bags, paint chip off-cuts, glitter left-overs and a half hour squeezed between coughing fits. 

Still we made the effort and Master Maxwell was very excited to show off his handiwork to the grandparents. I have to say I also feel much more festive, and a lot less sick and grumpy for having festooned the table with paper rabbits. Happy Easter everybody! BECK


Table settings of the week

Are we there yet?

So I've stenciled place mats, painted and stenciled wooden and paper eggs, made a front door wreath, baskets, place names and cards. Surely I'm done? Yup I think so. Happy Easter everyone x

Gifts of the Week

BF Baskets

Yep, ok I have gone easter craft crazy. These two little gift baskets are for Beck and Pen, my craft compadres. I had a lot of fun stenciling the berry basket boxes and am hoping to deliver these tomorrow, weather and illness permitting. 



goodie googies

Despite a million things going pear shaped this week I did manage to finish my family eggs. with the addition of these little woodland friends and a chocolate kiss these will be the cutest place names in the history of my Easter table. To see last years Easter work you can look here and to buy the little animals you will have to run (do not walk) to Cottage Industry on Gertrude St - they are selling like hot cross buns.


Books of the Week

Neither a borrower or a lender be

I have been spending an unusual amount of time in libraries the past couple of weeks. We all seem to be members of different ones (near work, near school, near coffee). I'm fairly impressed with how many new craft books seem to be hitting the shelves as it gives me a 'try before you buy' opportunity which my credit card is grateful for. Only three of these were any good, a couple of them were appalling (cute potholders? For goodness sake) and one will be bought (the Fassett quilt book is amazing and inspiring).

I also loved the 'Sweet Treats in Cross Stitch'. Part of the Made in France series this one felt very fresh and pretty with not-too-easy projects and lots of good charts at the back of the book. In the spirit of our craft book challenge I'm going to do the little baby bottle cover as a gift for a new bub. Better get onto it to avoid late fees.

Show of the week

Last chance

Only a week and a half left to see the fantastic tapestry show at Bundoora Homestead. About Time: Australia Studio Tapestry 1975 -2005 is an ultimate old school craft show that is not to be missed.


Wreath of the Month


My wreath project continues with an Easter theme this month. The bunny is from a card I designed a few years back based on a vintage clip art rabbit I printed and painted. The cupcake wrapper flowers are from Ikea who very kindly bringing out new wrappers every couple of months. I've wrapped up my first three wreaths and think mums suggestion of using them all as Christmas party decorations is an excellent one. Too much home craft is not enough people!