long time no see!

What must you think of us dear readers? We say we are back when clearly we are not. We seem to be popping in here only to coincide with radio appearances (this morning 10:30am on RRR FM!). Truth is even though we said the book is finished, it's never really finished. There is the painstaking and painful editing and proofing, the publicity planning, all at the same time as trying to get things on an even keel on the home front - which for us is quite the challenge! That said we have started leaving the house/studio/writing bunker more and more we've found some fantastic things out there in the world to see


Hello Play!

We admit to being a little biased when it comes to artist/designer/coolguy Spencer Harrison. He designed our book and let us tell you a little secret - it looks beautiful! Somewhere between wrangling our craft tome, creating the Rhythm and Repeat Project, painting epic murals and hosting one of the best Instagram accounts ever, Spencer has created an amazing new body of work. 

No Vacancy Gallery has never been more fun, with a magical selfie wall complete with props, painting, sculptures, ceramics,  works on paper and super cool merch (we love our squiggle socks!). Better get in quick, five more days of delight to go.

No Vacancy Gallery 
Until June 21


Portuguese artist Patrícia Correia Domingues and Polish artist Sara Gackowska were joint winners of the 2014 Gallery Funaki Emerging Artist award. This combined exhibition showcases both old and new work from both makers and is both gutsy and austere, earthy and futuristic. Like sci fi props from Prometheus (we loved that crazy film).  It's a treat to see international work in such an intimate scale. Gallery Funaki remains one of the most important fine art jewellery galleries in the world, lucky for us it's only a tram ride away.

Until June 20

Field Libraries

Yes you may have to brush your hair and shine your shoes to feel comfortable going into the Anna Schwartz gallery but don't let their retro snobbery put you off. We've told you how much we love Emily Floyd before, especially following her epic show at Heide last year. An injection of colour into this dreary Melbourne winter is just what we need, so we'll take our chances with this Slaves of New York style of gallery. 

until 11 July

Group Exchange

When you can't go the mountain its great when the mountain can come to you. When it comes to local textiles the Tamworth show is the biggest in the business, and while we've been waiting to see one for years now but never managed to pull it off. How fabulous to find a collection of the best in the business in Hawthorn at the Town Hall Gallery.

 22 Australian artists were invited to explore the theme of collaboration. This of course mean many different things to different artists and we think in this case the word 'dialogue' is most appropriate. We'll be doing a full review of this show next  Monday, one not to be missed

Until July 26

Hold Me Tight

Brunswick's home of workshops, studios and hand made retail, Home-Work, is now adding an exhibition program to their bow. The inaugural show Hold Me Tight  features a fabulous collection of vessels from vases to modular shelving made by a great collection of artists, artisans and makers. One of the most refreshing things we've noticed so far this year is the number of new spaces that have opened their doors to  new and emerging makers. Closing this weekend so get in quick!

Until June 21


Clay Social

There's a new kid on the block in North Melbourne and its a cracker! Guild of Objects is the brainchild of three small batch potters - Brooke thorn, Chela Edmunds and tao Oudomvilay. Think super cool ceramic, metal and textile objects made by small scale independent artist as well as a workshop and exhibition space, Guild of Objects is dedicated to presenting the work of emerging artists, fostering neighbourhood interaction, presenting fun and accessible classes, artist experimentation and a love of the handmade. Winning combination if you ask us, and they're conveniently located right next door to one of the best cake shops in town Beatrix! Their first workshop - a ceramic cup building workshop with Chela sold out in hours, but we've managed to snaffle a class in their second session next week YAY. 

690 Queensbury Street
North Melbourne

Thinking in Three Dimensions with Felt

On June 27, authors, artists and felt wranglers Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles have an uncanny knack of turning two dimensional ideas into three dimensional wonders. Pop Craft is presenting a brilliant opportunity to learn some key tricks of the trade with these two magical makers. Basic sewing knowledge is essential but everything else is provided. Learn Pattern making, planning, cutting, stuffing and sewing in this hands on workshop. More details here

Shaping and Texture for Woven Tapestry with Sara Lindsay

This July Pop Craft is presenting a very exciting opportunity for weavers to work with one of one of the masters of the craft. Sara Lindsay, a founder of the Australian Tapestry Workshop, knows more about tapestry than the rest of us combined and then some. Simply put, her knowledge and teaching skills are legendary. This extraordinary pair of classes will see you learn some seriously impressive skills to build your textile repertoire over two consecutive weekends. One not to miss out on. More details here Pop Craft