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Pocket Rocket Kim Brockett of Craft Hatch and Insert Coin Here fame has brought together another enviable collection of arteests to participate in her latest curatorial idea-a-thon SUPER MARKET . Really it's a stroke of genius - the show brings together artists and collectives to ply their superfluous wares in exchange for offerings from the public. "By relying upon barter (the original method of consumption) and excluding currency, SUPER MARKET is an invitation to engage directly with the process of trade and negotiation." Viewers become participants in the exchange, invited to bring along whatever they have to offer, from unwanted object to valuable skill, bad idea to good intention. Smart cookie that Brockett, and a brilliant premis for a show.We're letting you know in advance so you have time to check out some of whats on offer and think/whip up hot trading items for barter as it's a one day only type sale. Some of our favourites so far include:

Some things I will have will probably be a neon builders twine snake necklace and plant hanger along with some ceramic bits and pieces and maybe a hand drawn pillowcase or two. I hope for something interesting in return - some friendly art or object I guess, though I am also intrigued by other peoples skills, useless or not.
If all else fails you could perhaps negotiate with handmade goods or bake me something.

I will cut your profile in 2 minutes in exchange for french cheese and beagle parapheranalia.

Ralph Lauren in exchange for flowers, fabric, wrapping paper, Fanta and not having to talk in return.

Participating artists include: Adam Cruickshank, Agents of Proximity, As You Were Saying, A Constructed World, Damp, Dell Stewart, Geoff Newton, Grant Nimmo, Greatest Hits, Hotham Street Ladies, Kay Abude, Kiah GM, People Collective, Safari Team, Sibling and The Telepathy Project.
SUPER MARKET is part of the Always Moving festival currently taking place at Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Saturday 3 July from 11am to 4pm. Be there.




rock solid.

Brace yourself people it's going to be a long week. Its hard to pick a best show, so much good stuff to see, and so much bad weather to weather in order to see it. Although I can't play favourites seeing as Irene Grishin Selzer and Kim Brockett both have shows opening this week that will be awesome (more about them tomorrow). I have to say, this new show by Oh45, Bonasai, Nails and Twoone under their creative family moniker Wooden Foundations promises to push all my buttons, tick all my boxes, ring my bells and then some. They're Ice Cold people, and talented beyond mere mortal status. Get the picture BIG FAN HERE.

Wooden Foundations roots are firmly planted in illustration, hand drawn typography and aerosol paint. A group of friends making pictures separately and together in a collective creative teepee of their own making. Heaven. In this show they will "create an installation that explores artistic collaboration as an extension of their street-based collabs, the convergence of personal mythology into a group scenario, and anything that the working process may bring along with it."  Just like yours truly they are collectors and users of all manner discarded and unlikely stuff - regularly using recycled material in their artwork. In this show however they've taken things one step further to the left and committed to creating the installation almost entirely out of recycled/reclaimed/re-used materials. Word.
Watch the evolution of the project at http://blog.woodenfoundations.com/
July 1 - July 16
No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell lane, QV
Opening night is this thursday (July 1) from 6-9pm




build em up

The ladies of HML are always impressed with the mix of craft and art the happens so seamlessly at Stephen McLaughlin's gallery up on the 8th floor of the Nicholas Building. He's been there as long as we can remember and has grown increasingly supportive of craft, particularly ceramics which he seems to have a natural affinity for. We think Elizabeth Masters makes the perfect milk jugs and we are very excited by her city blocks - a perfect reflection of what's out the gallery window we suspect (best view peoples!)

We are always interested in seeing more work by Marie-Louise Anderson. Where have you been ML? It's a bit of a mystery to us, so we'll have to go check it out on Wednesday when it opens! Hope the lift ladies are in the house. RAMONA



Burger Queen

The ladies of HML are a little divided when it comes to food. I am resolutely carnivorous (a vegetarian meal for me is fish) and Beck has been a vego for more than 20 years. What we are united on is our love of the hamburger zines by  paper artist Stephanie Anderson.

These mini wonders (no bigger than a 10 cent piece!) are self assemblage sweeties. I'll have this egg and bacon one

Oh there is a vegetarian option too...if that's what you really want...RAMONA



home for a bunny

I've been thinking about making a teepee for a while now. As much as I'd like to buy this one I don't think my budget stretches to $235 USd. So I've been doing a little online research

This English one is really lovely but really 165 pounds is kind of crazy.

 I then stumbled on this amazing blog entry on the history of teepees which was very inspiring

Finally I found some simple instructions here so now I'm off to Bunnings as soon as our various illnesses have passed. This time of year is pretty tough on the families of HML, hence the sporadic posting. Hope you are all fairing a little better! RAMONA




Word up peeps we LOVE this. Always on the look out for crafty alternatives to everyday issues we spotted this hot product idea from Loony Design: a joint project of the Industrial Design degree course at the State Academy of the Fine Arts in Stuttgart and the Evangelical Charitable Mission in Baden.  This is a brilliant project where students from the Academy develop exclusive designs for everyday objects which are in turn produced by people with mental disorders living and working in centres run by the mission. This ABC Button is just one of a raft of fantastic objects and ideas.  Download your own free button font , order buttons online or follow a step by step instructional to create your very own message. So much more chic than cheap sharpie makers clumsily penned on clothing labels.





'Always Moving (A performance laboratory in several parts)' brings an active month of performance, sound, cinema, and event-based art to Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS). Yes people a whole month oto engage in this unique exhibition and mini-festival. 'Always Moving' will transform GCAS’ galleries into a lively hub, spanning a broad scope of performance happenings from Australia and abroad. Running alongside the exhibition is the 'Always Moving' Event Series which will hosts an unrivalled line up of hot young talented curators, performers and artists. GET SOME!
June 18 - July 17
Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces,
200 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Featuring performances by Bum Creek (a name you can never say no to ) and Eko Eko Azarak!


DIY cycling gear workshop to keep the cops & the fashion police happy...
Hot on the heels of their super cool Tote Carpet fashion moment the magnificent people of Melbourne's own Craft Cartel, "alarmed by sights of fluoro lycra clad cyclists and equally aghast at the thought of coming a cropper while partaking in our favourite form of transport, are proud to present a solution: High Viz Vogue, a DIY bike fashion workshop." They're advising eager participants to bring helmets and any other garments or accoutrement you’d like to customize into roadway and catwalk friendly models, or take advantage of the free advice materials and machinery and start from scratch. Both fashion and making advice will be provided by "ultra-spunky local designers... this is your chance to create your own bike-friendly fashion & win ace prizes." Who could say no to that. The DIY event will be also followed by a celebratory shopstopping group ride through Moreland to parade the hot new outfits and will be led by the Sugar Spokes all female bike crew. With the tags "Free! No experience necessary! All materials supplied. Ace prizes to be won." this is definately not one to miss whether you're into pedal power or not.

11:00 - 13:00, at Coburg Library
Corner Victoria and Louisa Streets, Coburg.
Part of the Moreland City Council Coburg Carnivale





Regular readers will remember last week Beck telling you all about a great project that is happening to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Craft Victoria. To rebrief basically a tote bag design by artists Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank was commisioned and a competition was launched to customise the tote bag.

Having seen the amazing things Miss Pen Pen created I thought I'd try my hand a bit of reverse appliqué. Bit clever, bit challenging. Now because I have the concentration span of a goldfish I accidentally hacked off one of the printed fingers (not my own, luckily). Tools down I resigned myself to abandoning the project.

Made myself a cheese toastie and a cup of tea. And then I made Norman, possibly the strangest interpretation of the brief. He's no longer a tote. You can tote him around, just don't show anyone. Tote bag designs are due tomorrow and are  still available at Craft Victoria if you want to get in quick...



My My Miyuki

While reading the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living I was of course very taken with an article on pies and tarts. Because I was a little bleary eyed it took me a few minutes to realise that the pretty plates were actually machine embroideries. Jumping online I discovered the work of Japanese born/US based illustrator Miyuki Sakai

With her trusty little sewing machine and a thread palette of over 200 Miyuki has made quite a name for herself with her machine embroidered illustrations. She's worked with everyone from Mazda to Vogue, from Martha to Hitachi. I think her work is amazing.




a cut above

Way way back in 2006 the ladies of HML sang the praises of artist Emma Van Leest. And then something crazy happened. The world, its seemed, went crazy for paper cutting. Which is fair enough because in terms of handmade this has to one the most labour intensive but also one of the most impressive art forms.

Van Leest's new show Perpetua at the John Buckley gallery sees her refining the work, going larger in scale and looser in composition. It's her lightness of touch that we find so impressive.

It's hard to really see how amazing these are with these little pics. You really need to go see them. You have until the 26th of June. prepare to be amazed!

John Buckley Gallery
8 Albert Street
Richmond 3121




Here it is, in all it's baltic glory... the Craftbusters Eurovision Edition.

We thought we'd give you a little sneak peak inside because we've done things a little differently this time around - we may not have been able to go 3D (yet) but inspired by the colour and movement of Eurovision 2010 we have incorporated some full colour throughout the zine...

as well as our trusty lifestyle, beauty and fashion advice, and of course our trademarked crazy craft projects for good measure. Hope you like it peoples. We had a blast making it! BECK



Share the moment...

This has been a busy week at HML headquarters, because we've been knee deep in Eurovision madness trying to get the latest installment of Craftbusters finished in time to meet our super tight Sticky 168 zine deadline. For those not familiar with the process, Melbourne's house of Zines the Sticky Institute run annual zine making endurance challenges, in which participants have 168 hours to produce their zine. AND copies for everyone else involved in the project. This particular event was to be loosely based around Eurovision - and each participant was designated a country, just like Eurovision. We were ecstatic to hav been given Belarus (that butterfly reveal was spectacular), although we would have been equally happy with the Blade Runner meets Michael Stipe madness brought by Moldovia... 

the harlequin vs. little tin soldiers of Spain

or even Bulgaria's Leather man Miloslav and his camp band of 'angels'...

So aside from the day to night beauty tips from Belarus's lady detectives, outfitting advice for superstar upgrades and paparazzi pouncing and a Patented DIY Butterfly Masquerade kit, we threw them all into starring roles with appropriately themed craft projects  for good measure. Craftbusters Eurovision Edition (live from Minsk HQ) will be available as of tomorrow in the HML and Sticky shops.... Share the moment.
Oh and for those that might have missed the magic on Sunday night here's that unforgettable performance by our comrades.




best seat in the house

"The recent preference for, if not prevalence of, the ‘hand-made’ within aspects of consumer culture stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of our culture’s manufactured objects, most of which are the result of distant economic systems rather than creative ones. A studio-based process of repositioning, reevaluating, revealing and obscuring domestic forms and details has here resulted in a playful mixtape of popular interior culture and desire; a mongrel medley of Better Homes and Gardens aesthetic manipulations and a mishmash of misplaced display home decoration." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. You know the man, you know his work, you know the gallery, and you know this show will rule. You also know you should probably make the effort to get along and see it for yourself. We will be.

West Space gallery June 4 - July 26
Opening night  Thursday June 3 6-8pm free music and posters for punters in attendance
Artist Talk Saturday June 19 2.00-3.00pm nothing but free speech at this one.

WONDERNAMEL, Rmit Gold and Silversmithing.

You got to love a pun, espeically when it's attached to work as good as this. Wondernamel began in 2007, the title and contents based around the idea of the curiosity cabinet or wonder room and has been presented since as annual group exhibition showcasing fresh and original work in the area of enamelling. Only on until the end of this week and well worth making the effort to see.

First Site RMIT Union Gallery, Until June 5
Storey Hall Basement, 344 Swanston St Melbourne.

and saving the best for last we also have...


This new exhibition is the culmination of a year long collaborative exploratino of the memories and skills around textiles, clothing and materials of domestic life between Textile Artist extrodinairre Jenny Bartholemew, writer Peter Anderson and the residents of Eltham Retirement Centre. It promises to showcase all the tenets of Jenny's work we have come to know and love, complete technical mastery, a totally unique point of view and a tangible connection to the complicated nature of human condition - in other words a moving work of complete genius. The show opens this Saturday June 5 and both Jenny and Peter will be giving a floor talk at 5pm. Get the car ready for a weekend excursion!

Eltham Library Community Gallery,  from June 3 - 27.
Panther Place, Eltham (Melway 21 J5)




So a little longer than a week ago I set myself to stitching... and am happy to report that i'm almost through with the ping pong king (don't ask I just let these things happen) They eyes may need a little evening up and the crown needs some satin stitch filler, but apart from that he's pretty much complete, and i'm happy with him. I'm thinking of him as a sampler for the next needley project i've got on my plate, which involves this...

The customising of this calico bag. We try to avoid talking up our regular worklives here on HML but this was such an occasion of being able to do a fun thing at work that you wish you did more often in real life I think it qualifies... and its hella crafty after all. Craft Victoria is celebrating it's 40th anniversary this year, so we commissioned (as geeky fans do) two of our favourite and fabulous yokels Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank to design a crafty bag that we could invite peeps to customise... kind of like a bedazzler come embroidery colouring in book if you will.

It's an awesome project (if I do say so myself), and great prizes are on offer, but I have been too busy gardening, cooking and attending to other craft projects to actually get stuck into my own.

As you can see Dell has already set the bar high with her rainbow fingernails, but I think I can come up with something pretty snazzy - am thinking flames, lightening bolts, metallic thread - (yes i've been absorbed, entertained and inspired by eurovision this weekend) Ramona has one on the go, as does Miss Penpen, and the lovely Jenny Bartholemew so there will be some smokin entries in the comp come judgement day. All entries must be in by June 11, so i'd best get cracking. This week is the week. I hope.