So a little longer than a week ago I set myself to stitching... and am happy to report that i'm almost through with the ping pong king (don't ask I just let these things happen) They eyes may need a little evening up and the crown needs some satin stitch filler, but apart from that he's pretty much complete, and i'm happy with him. I'm thinking of him as a sampler for the next needley project i've got on my plate, which involves this...

The customising of this calico bag. We try to avoid talking up our regular worklives here on HML but this was such an occasion of being able to do a fun thing at work that you wish you did more often in real life I think it qualifies... and its hella crafty after all. Craft Victoria is celebrating it's 40th anniversary this year, so we commissioned (as geeky fans do) two of our favourite and fabulous yokels Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank to design a crafty bag that we could invite peeps to customise... kind of like a bedazzler come embroidery colouring in book if you will.

It's an awesome project (if I do say so myself), and great prizes are on offer, but I have been too busy gardening, cooking and attending to other craft projects to actually get stuck into my own.

As you can see Dell has already set the bar high with her rainbow fingernails, but I think I can come up with something pretty snazzy - am thinking flames, lightening bolts, metallic thread - (yes i've been absorbed, entertained and inspired by eurovision this weekend) Ramona has one on the go, as does Miss Penpen, and the lovely Jenny Bartholemew so there will be some smokin entries in the comp come judgement day. All entries must be in by June 11, so i'd best get cracking. This week is the week. I hope.


Katherine Bowman said...

the ping pong king is ace

Beck said...

thanks Katherine, he's kind of crazy but I like him nonetheless