mind blown

Seeing new work by Sandra Eterovic is always exciting. Long time favourite of handmadelife, this hard working and talented illustrator/artist just gets better and better. A sense of humour dryer than a desert married with the prettiest of palettes ramps up the sarcasm to 11 without being too clever clogs.

Her new table tennis paddle paintings (all sold by the time I got to the opening) are pitch perfect. People lie awake, their minds racing with the knowledge life just doesn't live up to expectations.
There's always a smattering of self deprecation to keep the ego in check. Above all this sardonic sloganism there is an undeniable beauty in her work. We never know if this is just a way to seduce us as viewers, a way of tricking us into believing that everything will be all right in the end, when in fact reality is far more complicated than that.

Despite this lack of apparent optimism, the work is ultimately funny and open hearted. Eterovic seems to be saying that even if things aren't all rosy, at least we are in it together and that will make it more than bearable in the end. We can have fun in the lifeboat together despite being such a motley crew.

Still Waiting to be Blown Away  
by Sandra Eterovic
until November 12
HUT 13
79 Swan Street 



Ok people we really owe you an apology. Blame the school holiday madness, weird illnesses, surprise parties, daylight savings and a looming deadline for our absence. The truth is we haven't had much to say, we haven't been able to see much or do much either. You get that sometimes, life just gets crazy. But we should have let you know, and for that we bow our heads down and ask for your forgiveness and patience while we get our act together. We are going to see the above show this week, looks beautiful and we promise to write you a full review. Beck and Ramona




The ladies of HML are enormous fans of paper-craft, origami, silhouettes, paper-cuts, embossing, we love it all. Ramona even has a thing for quilling. But we seriously love paper when its used as a clever and confounding construction material. And Carly Fischer's new show Magic Dirt, currently on at Craft does this in spades.

Carly is a contemporary artist who brilliantly utilises the medium as both a conceptual and mechanical tool. Making models is not in and of itself new. However playing with the traditional context of model making as starting point for a finished piece of work and flipping it - by using the 'real' piece as the starting point and making a paper model as the finished piece, really is. Especially when said work is so realistic it gets your brain totally twisted up in chicken and egg knots.

Her mastery of mimicry is mental. Upon first sight the gallery space looks like its mid installation, with dirty plastic and green shopping bags strewn among cigarette butts and discarded soft drink cans. Of course under closer inspection the true nature and genius of the exhibition reveals itself. Honed on the visual cues of iconic cinematic representations of the 'outback' from films like Wake in Fright and Mad Max, Fischer deploys the interlopers associative aesthetic and spiritual mythology built around the landscape, contrasting it sharply against the reality of the land as it is actually inhabited. 

The soundscape that accompanies the exhibition continues Carly's collaborative work with Berlin Based composer Mieko Suzuki. Created from both site specific atmos recordings and film score samples it provides a poignant and evocative backdrop to one of this years most profound and compelling exhibitions.

Craft is recording an interview with Carly for their brilliant Craft TV channel, so keep your eyes peeled hear and learn more from this amazing artist. Or in the meantime check out the website for more details. BECK

Magic Dirt by Carly Fischer
Gallery one, Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
September 5 - October 18.



visions of spring

Jason Haufe @ Stephen McLaughlan Gallery
The ladies of HML are big fans of makers seeing out inspiration from multiple sources. Whether it be gardens, food, architecture and in this week's slew of shows, visual art. We refuse to see boundaries between any of these things. Creativity is creativity, inspiration is everywhere right?

encredible multimedia work by Melinda Schawel at Flinders Lane Gallery
New colour ways, materials, thought processes, even settings can really fire up the brain. As the weather gets better it's good to push ourselves a little further afield. Don't forget that every university campus usually has an accompanying exhibition space or two that should be explored on a regular basis. 

Artist Books at George Paton Gallery UMSU
We find that makers of all disciplines can get very caught up in their own media and become a little tunnel visioned. To loosen things up there is nothing better that going to see work in unusual spaces and in unexplored territories. in the same way we recommend spending the odd day or two doing the blockbuster shows at the national galleries. You'll find yourselves refreshed and ready for making new Spring work.

always inspiring Sarah Crowest @C3 Gallery
All the captions have links to the galleries in them so you can grab the details. Some are finishing and some are starting this week so be sure to check the dates and opening times (which fluctuate wildly from space to space as seasoned gallery visitors will know). Happy inspiration trails people, back to more craft based shows next week. RAMONA



the wild frontier

You still have a few days left to visit the hottest pop up in town. Domestic Frontier brings together makers that have some interesting and beautiful similarities. The aesthetic is earthy, simple, with distinctive handmade qualities.

Jo Ruchel's beautful baskets

There is also a beautiful colour palette ranging sumptuous earthy tones to indigo blues, basically the stuff of dreams in our opinion.

Bridget Bodenham's free form platters
The ladies of HML wished this sort of thing happened more often. There is such a freshness to it,  and we can attest to the beauty and functionality of the pieces (We love our Sophie Moran cups and use them every day for that all important first coffee).

Sophie Moran's perfect cup
We are also huge fans of so many of the makers involved. We've been swooning of Greg Hatton's furniture since we saw it last year at the Slow Clay  open day.

Of course Vic Pemberton is a firm favourite as we loved her indigo course and always find her Bind & Fold range so seductive, she always gets the best blue out of her indigo forays!

Bind & Fold beauty
So gorgeous and not to be missed!

Domestic Frontier closes this Sunday
19 Nicholson Street Brunswick East
Open 11-6 so plenty of time! BECK AND RAMONA