little window

If you are anything like the ladies of HML your homes are full of piles of stuff, papers, books, material, junk. In our case add to that toys, technology and no storage. Beck and I often find ourselves comparing notes on our parallel battles with 'the stuff'. My new technique is to pick one teeny corner (a shelf, a drawer, a box) and deal with it every couple of days.

I'm adding to this by also trying to complete odd jobs that have been abandoned because I got distracted, or overwhelmed. This little window in the nursery nook is a good case in point. A bunny rug clipped to the venetians was really no longer doing it for me. I had meant to make trousers for Thom Womble out of this fabric but got freaked out by the level of difficulty and the cutting of such beautiful linen. I needed a metre of polar fleece for the trousers and the linen could be used for the curtain.

I know i need to tuck in that French seam with a couple of stitches but I was pleased with the result and pleased to have something finished! RAMONA

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