I've been using lots of odd materials in my work lately. Carrying buttons and spoons, scraps and beads in a box and beavering away at tiny things. That's when I'm not drooling over other peoples work spotted online.

Through one of HML's favourite blogs Design for Mankind  we have discovered the work of UK artist Ann Carrington. As if stamp portraits made from mother of pearly buttons weren't enough

Carrington has also made a set of horns out out old forks and giant ladies out of seashells by the seashore

there are also larger than life size horses from coconut husks. amazing yes?

Interesting to take one material and see what it suggests and then move on to the next. I'm amazed by the level of focus required to create such work. Pretty sure she's not making this stuff while watching Masterchef! RAMONA

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fuck me that's impressive