happy 40th

I'm certainly not the most proficient knitter but I do have the desire to pull out the needles when the cooler weather comes around. My beloved doesn't expect much come birthday time, but he does eagerly await the chocolate pavlova and the new scarf. I'm knitting 4 scarves at once at the moment with wildly different wool and I feel like I'm going a bit cross-eyed but I am surprised at how much faster I get over time.

Only one mistake in the whole thing (can you spot the dodgy row?) They say god is in the details or perfection offends the gods or something so we'll go with that and be grateful for no dropped stitches or wonky cast offs. I'm also turning this drawing into an embroidery. I found the sketch in a notebook that was on its way to the recycling bin. I wonder what else I've thrown out in my mad autumn cleaning? RAMONA

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Beck said...

ooooh very very nice ramona
can't wait to see the embroidery!!!
we both seem to be going crazy with the crewels at the moment.
and don't worry about the autumn cleaning, what you don't know can't hurt you... can it?

oh and you'll be most amused to know that the word verification for this particular comment is
"upunk" your beloved would be so proud!