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"The recent preference for, if not prevalence of, the ‘hand-made’ within aspects of consumer culture stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of our culture’s manufactured objects, most of which are the result of distant economic systems rather than creative ones. A studio-based process of repositioning, reevaluating, revealing and obscuring domestic forms and details has here resulted in a playful mixtape of popular interior culture and desire; a mongrel medley of Better Homes and Gardens aesthetic manipulations and a mishmash of misplaced display home decoration." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. You know the man, you know his work, you know the gallery, and you know this show will rule. You also know you should probably make the effort to get along and see it for yourself. We will be.

West Space gallery June 4 - July 26
Opening night  Thursday June 3 6-8pm free music and posters for punters in attendance
Artist Talk Saturday June 19 2.00-3.00pm nothing but free speech at this one.

WONDERNAMEL, Rmit Gold and Silversmithing.

You got to love a pun, espeically when it's attached to work as good as this. Wondernamel began in 2007, the title and contents based around the idea of the curiosity cabinet or wonder room and has been presented since as annual group exhibition showcasing fresh and original work in the area of enamelling. Only on until the end of this week and well worth making the effort to see.

First Site RMIT Union Gallery, Until June 5
Storey Hall Basement, 344 Swanston St Melbourne.

and saving the best for last we also have...


This new exhibition is the culmination of a year long collaborative exploratino of the memories and skills around textiles, clothing and materials of domestic life between Textile Artist extrodinairre Jenny Bartholemew, writer Peter Anderson and the residents of Eltham Retirement Centre. It promises to showcase all the tenets of Jenny's work we have come to know and love, complete technical mastery, a totally unique point of view and a tangible connection to the complicated nature of human condition - in other words a moving work of complete genius. The show opens this Saturday June 5 and both Jenny and Peter will be giving a floor talk at 5pm. Get the car ready for a weekend excursion!

Eltham Library Community Gallery,  from June 3 - 27.
Panther Place, Eltham (Melway 21 J5)

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