paper tigers
This is it folks, the one we've been waiting for: The Fold an exhibition of new work by HML favourite Nathan Gray. And we love it, not just because we love Nathan's work (and we do) but also cause it's really really local and we only have to cross the road to see the show.
The Fold runs from the 27th of July to the 17th of August at Joint Hassles
2a Mitchell Street Northcote 3071
Opening night :Friday the 27th 6-8pm,
then from Thursday til Saturday 12 - 5pm.

And because Nathan and his band of merry pranksters want to wow your ears as well as your eyes make sure you make it to one of the performaces on throughout of the show.

Sat 28th July 2pm halfman/halfmoffarah
electronic/vocal improvisation duo with Chris Hill
Sat 4th August 2pm snawklor
(electro acoustic/acoustic/field recordings/trumpets) the decade old musical collaboration with another HML fave, artistic multi-tasker extrodianaire Dylan Martorell
Sat 11th August 2pm the fold ensemble a trio that includes the superb soundscape stylings of Julie Burleigh and genius electro protege Blake Sonic Richardson-Gray.

AND If you feel like making a comparative analysis of the paper scene you have one week to see things from a distincly NYC perspective in PAPER SWORDS at Third Drawer Down Gallery in St. Kilda. The show has been c0-curated with Brooklyn's Cinders Gallery and explores a current group of artists working primarily on paper, a medium that has been one of the gallery's main focuses. Artists include John Orth (see "flood" above), George Ferrandi, Kevin Hooyman, Matthew Feyld, Julien Langendorff, Zachary Rossman, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Logan Macdonald, Justin Williams, Kelie Bowman, Diane Barcelowsky and Sto, all part of a generation that has embraced simple tools such as pencil, pen, paint, and collage with influences from the usual suspects of comics, popular culture, punk rock, and psychedelia. Cinders Gallery is an artist-run space that has existed in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn for 3 years.



a couple of squares

Finally it's finished.. and well before the end of winter no less.



good things come in small packages
We're pretty excited here at hml headquarters. We love mail almost as much as we love stationary (funny that) and look what we got in the post today...
Woo-Hoo our very own limited edition smallobject hand printed tee by the well spectacled and super talented Sarah Neuburger . It's come all the way from Southern Carolina with a truly excellento embossed card - sorry about the blurry photo of said card but really our hands were shaking with excitment. Now we just have to work out who's going to wear it first.



pushing the envelope

If you are anything like us you'll harbour a reverance for all things stationary related that borders on obsessional. We love it. No we mean we really love it. Meals have been skipped in order to buy magazine holders, rent cheques have 'dissappeared' in lieu of matching pencils and notepaper, and we wont even identify the body parts that have been sold off to cover the cost of self inking stamp sets. So we were delighted to find this beautiful letter carrier hand crafted from the pages of vintage childrens books that didn't cost a bomb. Even nicer to find inside a short typed note from the maker who may not have identified themselves but did identify the age-old "conflict between sacrilige and good intention" involved in destroying the old to make the new. Sadly it appears that these puppies are no longer available on the retail market, but thankfully this one provided us with a workable template to make our own customised envelopes for our pen pals, should the mood or the children's book strike us.



pulp faction

This intriguing invite turned up in the hml mailbox today and given its heady combo of faux wood grain veneer and mash-up allusions we got pretty excited. We know nothing about it other than its tag line - 25 artists, 40 pieces 1 big exhibition. But we trust wood panelling and we're giving it a big thumbs up and recommending it as a show of the week. For all you young folk there's also a big opening party this Thursday night ,with dj's and the like, and all proceeds from the paltry $5 entry fee are going to the Wilderness Society's Forest Campaign, so you can feel righteous as you write your self off.

art mish mash is on from July 17 - 28 at FAD gallery bar 14 Corrs Lane Chinatown.

Now for those who like a less random methodology in their exhibition selection process there is also the new Johnnie Dady show on at Uber Gallery. We've been waiting for this one for quite a while and to tantalise you a little we're letting you know that it includes magnificently crafted notions such as cardboard grand pianos. His work is clever, curious, playful, nostalgic, political and evocative. He once set fire to a wooden chair, extinguished it and then drew on paper with the charcoaled legs. Genius.

Johnnie Dady is on 04 July - 12 August at Uber Gallery 52 Fitzroy Street St. Kilda



neat as a pin
Just when you are right in the middle of the coldest and wettest winter Melbourne has seen in years you look around and everyone is making paper clothes. They may be completely impractical but hey, we love origami, we love gingham and we love a well folded shirt, so when we saw the window display at Herringbone we were delighted, so much so we gave it a spontaneous round of applause.

Well done unkown in-house stylist, well done.



fun for all the family!

Sometimes when we go through the hml libraries we find little gems with titles like 'Oh for a French Wife!' and 'Rainy Day Projects to Make and Do!' Another classic is this slim 1968 volume 'Puttering with Paper'
While we perhaps aren't quite as jazzed by the idea of finding out what happens when a long strip of paper towel is hung in a glass containing a solution of three different food colourings (well actually maybe we are)
We do adore the old skool stylins of Peter P Plasencia's illustrations. The book is part of the (presumably) much loved Zim Series of Junior Science Books. Titles include Your Food and You, Our Senses and How they Work and the intriguingly titled Golden Hamsters (???)




The ladies of hml are big fans of South Australian jeweler Ewa Card. Her surname is quite apt in this instance as this lovely piece is actually made of cardboard and wallpaper (with a touch of silver with that meow in the middle). It's not a brooch either but quite large piece from a range Ewa called 'wall jewelry'. Between us we must have about half a dozen of her brooches (birds are a big theme, houses and boats too!) but we are particularly fond of this over sized retro piece fashioned after the "ladies" indicator silhouette on a Berlin bathroom door.



paper pushers

You must all have guessed by now that we are a little jaded about this years design festival, hence no fanfare or long list of how we are running around to see every bloody thing. We are in fact spending alot of time watching footy and enjoying quality time with the couch. We've cracked the SADs perhaps?

It's not that we don't love design, or even the festival, it's just that it's cold and damp and we have just recovered from the Scarf Festival and are about to launch into the Film Festival.
We are suffering a common Melbournian affliction - Festival Fatigue.

There are a few highlights - Craft Queen Pene Durston flinging open her studio door on friday, Erik North's modular lights and screens created from long discarded loom cards in the window of Craft Victoria and we have already caught and were most impressed by the Eastern Market installation at the NDC gallery (Shadowbox) - a series of paper garments suspended on springs that were beautfully constructed and fun to play with.



the arts and crafts movement...
Even though we've been out and about checking out sleep extravaganza's, animation festivals, design festivals all week it's this scarf festival thing that has really got Beck's fingers going. As a result she has been pumping out long and slightly derranged lengths of fabric for friends and family... whether they like them or not.

Above we have her brother Matt somewhat reluctantly sporting one of her most recent 'creations'. Meanwhile Ramona's normally bleak and empty landscapes seem to be sprouting odd looking trees. Actually it's still pretty bleak but at least there is shelter now! Maybe Spring is on its way (is it just us or is this winter dragging on forever?)



sleep perchance to dream... All this talk of pillowcases has left us feeling dreamy so we are off to see the craftiest, lovliest film still screening at (the dreaded) Nova - Michel Gondry's masterpiece The Science of Sleep...
Complete with dream sequences, craft card sets, stuffed flying horses and cotton ball clouds
giganto hands for fending off ones enemies and..
The equally beautiful Gael Garcia Bernal and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Impossibly beautful, encredibly romantic, quite crazy and totally crafty...not to be missed!



stemming the tide

"Through my jewellery I dream of a paradise garden, overgrown with strange but somehow familiar large-leafed plants. Sometimes this place seems very far removed from life in this world, so my love for it endures and it's importance grows. Among the parts of the jewellery-plants that I make there may be Leaves, Flowers or Fruit - but it is the Stem that joins them all together. From the Stem, everything emanates." David Neale.

We love Mr Neale.

So much so in fact thatwe couldnt' help but buy up big at his"dopple-hangers" exhibition last year. These are Becks...

and these are Ramona's...

STEMS by David Neale July 03 - July 28
at Gallery Funaki, 4 Crossley St. Melbourne

By the way - it opens tonight, if you want to get along and see him for yourself.



sleepy bo-bo's vs. the night terrors.

Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank are really brilliant and super cool Melbourne arteests who sometimes work collaboratively under the moniker Sleep Club. For the next few weeks you can enjoy their open-ended exploration into slumber at their exhibition in the aptly titled gallery de jour Utopian Slumps. Taking the form of an imaginary club house for invisible somnambulists, the entire gallery space has been transformed into a pillow-laden dreamland, complete with double bed, flickering animations and bedazzled pillowcases. You'll be happy to know that they also come highly rated by the reigning queen of textile craft Miss Penelope Durston, a recommendation hard to ignore. It sounds and looks most excellent and these two really do produce great, witty, work. We're so excited in fact that we're actually clearing a bit of space in the schedule to head on down to Easey street, Horlicks filled thermos in hand to take a nap amongst the artworks.

DEAD TO THE WORLD until July 22nd.

5/25 Easey Street, Collingwood.
Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm
or by appointment t: 0401 324 148