take flight

Two of our favourite artists/collaborators have been so so very busy this past few months. Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison have achieved what would be impossible for us - have work ready for a new show and go to over 40 films at the recent Melbourne Film Festival. Do they ever sleep?

Geelong Gallery plays host to their latest show 'All Breathing in Heaven' which continues their exploration of both animal and human worlds and where they intersect Through the time honoured traditions of collage and drawing these two magical makers have created a world of their own that is totally beguiling.

The ladies of hml are big fans, having bought journals, zines, prints and collages in the past so we cant wait for the road trip. How amazing to see so much of their work on display. We often joke that in some parallel universe we would be as talented, intelligent and beautiful as these two and produce work as seductive. We will have content ourselves with being fans and collectors. RAMONA

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Sandra Eterovic said...

A great excuse for a day trip to Geelong! Looking forward to seeing all that beauty....