We are so lucky in Melbourne to be spoilt for choice when it comes to contemporary jewellery. At HML we are always impressed with the level of craftsmanship and creativity that seems to have really energised this particular field in recent years. As other media struggle to find market place and audience, jewellery seems to be blossoming into the ideal craft - one that encompasses craft, community, creativity and commerce (sounds like a lecture title!)

The strong trend of using found objects and upcycling continues but as we become more accustomed to seeing bits and bobs in peoples work their has been a real shift in finish. Romy Mittelman,whose show opens this week at EG Etal is a fine example of this. 

The title Precious Debris says it all really - if you are going to use bottle caps, film canisters and beer rings you better pack them in something pretty special to create objects of desire.

The ladies of HML are really only in the market for pasta necklaces at the moment  but we are going to check out this new show this week and we think you should too. RAMONA

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