judgement day

The ladies of HML donned their 'professional' hats yesterday in a weird parallel universe kind of way. While I was judging the craft category in the Annual Veterans Affairs Art and Craft Awards out at the Red Cross Hall in Heidelberg, Beck was judging Fringe Furniture at the Newport Substation.
This is my 4th year of participating and it is such an honour, a real highlight on my calendar. It acts as a good reminder of how craft can be a comfort, can provide focus and can mark memory in a unique way.
I remembered my grandfather had been taught mosaics as part of his rehabilitation after a stroke, he was very proud of his craft forays! And Grandpa Joe was as tough as old army boots.
I absolutely loved this wood carved archangel sculpture and was disappointed it wasn't for sale.
already looking forward to next year. Hopefully Harry and the other chaps won't have eaten all the teddy bear bickies by the time I get my cuppa. RAMONA
you can see past years shows here, here and here.


This is the second year i've been lucky enough get a sneak peak at the Fringe Furniture show in my capacity as judge. Last year's show had some high points, like the oversized rust facet diamond garden sculpture for example... which really was a stroke of genius, and the perfect decon-bling for the urban enviro garden. This year we were treated to another great show, with some of the high points showcased below. This years "the city has a face, the country has a soul" theme may delivered an interesting starting point for exploration, with mixed results. Daniel Bucci's wheat bag upholstered chair, Toby Horroks cardboard log bookshelf and Christopher Goff's repurposed spoon and milk jug lotus light amongst them. However truly it was the new Substation venue that was the star of the show... that and the take away container lighting installation. Three guesses what the staff have been eating for the last few months.

milking stool chic

substation post consumer take away light show

cricket balls, hay bales, fenceposts and old lace

playing the spoons

separating the wheat from the chaff

granny takes a trip

seeing the forest and the trees
Oh and since we're still talking about things to do with the little peoples during the holidays be sure to check out the list of things to see and do as part of Fringe Kids as well as the rest of the program. LOADS on. BECK


shula said...

Okay, that was incredibly good.

librarygirl said...

Youse two have the coolest jobs EVER!

Jo Windmill said...

wow, the substation is an amazing venue!
How many Iced Vovo bribes were you offered??