Lest We Forget

Highlight of the year...
Yesterday I was honoured to be the judge of the Veteran Affairs Writing Art and Craft Award/ Craft Division being held at the Red Cross Recreation Centre at the Heidelberg Repat Hospital. I had to chose 1st 2nd and 3rd and highly commended in ceramics, wood, textiles and needlepoint. I can't reveal the winners to you but I can show you some of the highlights of the day...
I took this photo espeically for Beck as you all know what a big fan of the knitted toy she is. I was devestated that it wasn't for sale as this would be the PERFECT Christmas present. It's by Mrs May Brown
This quilt was one of two made by the very talented Mrs Angela Grutzner
And I was very fond of the leather bag by John Alexander (who also stitched up an impressive biker vest)
A mosaic shoe is never a bad thing. Mrs Ellen Verrier has become famous for her tessere stylins
Last years ceramic winner Mrs Annette Pollard impressed again with her china painting...
This cinderella by Mrs Joyce Driscoll was actually one of those dolls that you flip to reveal another doll - in this case cinderella appears both before and after the ball.
I was humbled to be awarding prizes to handiwork I could only dream of producing. It was also great to be around craft that was not about stockists, marketing, labels, and getting into lifestyle magazines. This was very pure nanna and grandpa craft. A salient reminder of what it means to lead a handmadelife. I hope that they've passed on their skills to daughters, sons and grandkids.


pen said...

I am soooooooooo jealous!
Had I been there they would have got sick of me going 'can i buy it? can i buy it?
Thank goodness there wasn't a ;ifestyle magazine in sight!

Ramona said...

Dear Pen,you would have been so impresssed with some of the skills!cinderella doll was going for the grand sum of $40. There was a beautful crocheted baby blanket for $15! A cool day it really was.