Bowled Over Managed to catch the final day of Mary Louise Edwards' show at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery on Saturday and was lucky enough to see the new work by Shane Kent. those of you not familiar with his work should really get along. He's a great ceramicist with a lovely painterly surface. Dots, lines and washes adorn simple vessels and strange sculptural shapes. Quite lovely.
Also on this week for all your potheads (we never tire of that joke) is the RMIT Ceramic Auction. This fundraiser for the end of year catalogue is sure to be easy on the eyes and hard on the credit card. Bowls thrown by Prue Venables, Chris Sanders and Chris Byrne have then been adorned by members of the Arts Faculty. There should be some beauties on show.
On Thursday night you can catch the HML staff at the opening of Jenny Bartholemew's new show Digitally Enhanced. Using found gloves Jenny has anthropomorphised these cast offs into strange creatures with the addition of stitching, adding and subtracting and intoducing all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. Jenny has a way with debris -you have to see it to believe it.

PS also saw Maggie Pereya and Lyndal Peakes fringe show at Platform that we recommended to you last week. those hml readers who are into toys, doll making, fairy tales and myth really have to get down there. Fantastic.

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