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Ok reveal time. My first boyfriend was a 6ft 4 blonde dutch surfer boy called Marco and his brother Rene made surfboards. As such I spent many hours familiarising myself with Dr. Zoggs Sex Wax (dont be alarmed and do follow the link) and reading Tracks Magazine and to this day I nurse a deeply held respect and admiration for the madness that is surf culture and am as envious as all get out of all those who can manage to ride a wave. So this exhibition by hollow board maestro Peter Walker's meticulously crafted boards at the Jam Factory has me pretty much delirious and ready to board a plane to Adelaide immediately.

Walker has paired with four friends and fellow designers including Jam Factory Director Stephen Bowers and fellow crafter and board rider Gerry Wedd to create what for me is the perfect synergy of form and function. Please do yourselves the proverbial Molly and check out a little more about this brilliant, humble and immensely talented man. Breathtaking.

or read this great blog post by his beach buddy (and hml hero) Gerry Wedd

Until 17 Oct 2010
Gallery 1, Jam Factory. Adelaide.

My other pick for the week comes via an unputdownable invitation I picked up at Craft Victoria, the heady combination of title and drawing literally stopping me in my tracks. I just ove this: the idea, the title, the works. Packed full of typography, assemblage, yarn, crockery, pasteups and illustration Vern Sherman Drinks Tea and Other Tales’ is the second solo show for eclectic Melbourne artist I & The Others Currently gracing the walls and sidewalks of Collingwood's Off the Kerb gallery, this particular exhibition features a series of works inspired by a  three and a half month tour of the United States in 2009. After visiting her website and doing a little web-stalking I found myself asking why hadn't I heard of her earlier and how can I get me some of her work!

Like a Coen Brothers exploration on the backroads from California to Oregon, Nevada to Louisiana and back again, encounters with deadly animals and individuals with highly irregular habits and suspect personal hygene are dilligently depicted. Tales of hitch hiking through Redwoods, pyromania in the desert and gregarious white monsters on Bourbon St are just some of the stories on show. The artist will be giving a talk about the works on Saturday October 9 at 2pm, followed by musical performances by surprise guests.Clearly given our love of all things twin peaky, coehnesque and musically mysterious Ramona and I will be attending this one in person.

Until October 15 (that's a friday peeps)
Off the Kerb
66B Johnston Street, Collingwood.


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