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Continuing on our school holidays theme we thought we'd give you a heads up to the best cooking with kids website resource we've found. Kidspot is another 'let's tell you everything you need to know about parenting' website which can be quite irritating really but they have a brilliant cooking section. Even when not cooking with or for kids it's a great resource for simple recipes like anzacs, lamingtons, sponge etc. There seem to be alot of kids on tv at the moment tempering chocolate and deveining prawns, but I wonder if they can make scones or banana bread?
How we learn to cook, where we get our food knowledge is a very personal and subjective thing. I certainly don't want to knock anyone who hero worships Neil Perry et al. But there is something to be said about having some basics in your armoury.
For my recent birthday the Intern bought me a new, beautiful linen covered notebook to transpose all the recipes into (you can see the old book is a little out of control). The first recipe in there will be one for basic scones. This was the first thing I learnt to cook, and the first thing I passed on.
She and her other 16 year old mates are having a tea party this afternoon so the intern is rising before noon to make two batches. There aren't any left from yesterdays cooking exploits. The last one was polished off this morning for breakfast! So who is doing the washing up?


librarygirl said...

Too right Ramona.
Couldn't believe on last season's Masterchef the number of contestants who could do the fancy pants stuff but had never made a cake!

pen said...

don't even get me started......
there is nothing basic about a good scone
that CWA challenge just made me angry (one of the few bits I watched I have to admit!)
it's the good 'plain cooks'- as they used to be called- who should end up on a pedestal!

ronnie said...

too right!

years ago it the 'womens groups' (CWA, church auxilliary, Red Cross, P&C) in every small community would produce simply printed recipe books (no lush photography here) as fundraisers. My mum would collect these from all over the place..... one of her favs was from a Methodist Old People's Home (yep - it was ok to call 'em that back in the 1970s) in Goulburn..... which contained countless individual variations on anzacs, lamingtons, scones and sponges.... as well as some more.... ummmmm interesting fare (mock chicken anyone? or how about 'ways of disguising rabbit' hmmmmmmmm...... I THOUGHT that crumbed 'chicken' leg of 1976 looked a bit 'strange'....)