spring break
On RRR last week Beck and I were talking about school holiday crafts. There are plenty of fantastic old and new crafty books that can inspire even the youngest in the household (sometimes the oldest too!) We admit to being very project oriented people and have probably passed this onto our offspring. So it's no surprise that we've become addicted to kaboose.com.
essentially a good looking parenting website out of the States it has the most comprehensive list of craft projects for children that we have ever seen. Imagine summer camp, boy scouts, kindergarten, 1975, Martha Stewart, and old boys and girls annuals all poured into the one resource that is pretty and functional at the same time. Not just glam styling but the instructions on how to make a paper boat...
...or grow your own herbs out of a tin can. You can search by age group, media, length of project, topic, and seasons. There are lots of printouts for instructions and colouring pages. All the projects are inexpensive and pretty much fool proof. My Thom is obsessed with all things nature so we'll be making pet rocks and coffee filter butterflies. Beck and I get the boys together every week so there will be some shared activities too.
If you don't have kids yourself there is still a lot of inspiration to be found here (especially come Christmas time). How about putting a kit together for nieces, nephews, neighbours or friends kidlets?
Because you are never to young or old to learn that crafting, simply for pleasure, is totally where it's at. RAMONA


Georgie Love said...

Love the website and any kind of kid-craft inspiration. As usual, loving your work ladies.


shula said...

that boy is becoming more edible by the second.