Wild and Woolly

I snuck a look at the back for you all!

There is the most extraordinary tapestry on display at the wondrous Australian Tapestry Workshop that the ladies of HML are kind of in love with (both the place and the tapestry). Large Tree Group (based on a 1975 painting by Victoria Crowe) was chosen by Dovecot Studios in Scotland to be translated into a large scale tapestry. With over 70 producers across Great Britain contributing you can view the work and also learn about the process of bringing the tapestry to life from Fleece to Fibre.

How beautiful are these photos?

Weavers used undyed wool to recreate the painting and the effect is quite moving. By showing the beautiful portrait photographs of the rare breed sheep whose yarn contributed to the making of this amazing work you are aware of the beautiful palette nature provides. these portraits give them such gorgeous nobility you spend as much time looking into their big brown eyes as the tapestry itself

the workshop has a great shop where you can buy their full palette of yarns

Truth be told  we don't visit the Workshop very often, which is crazy because it is the most inspiring and energising space. We urge you to make a day of it. There is a fantastic project space there and if you take a tour you can up close to the working weavers and marvel at their skill and sensitivity at interpreting images. In a world awash with simple graphic interior design weaving (which we also love when done well) it is so extraordinary to see how complex artwork and photography can be translated into weaving. RAMONA

Fleece to Fibre: the Making of the Large Tree Group Tapestry
runs until June 6
Australian Tapestry Workshop
262 Park Street South Melbourne

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Sandra Eterovic said...

I love the Tapestry Workshop too and similarly can't believe that I don't hang out there like an opened mouth groupie. I am extremely lucky to have this talented man as a studio friend, so I can see his beautiful work in progress any day of the week:

Happy Easter Ramona and Beck!!!