egg on

he took great care getting the colour combos right
The ladies of HML are REALLY looking forward to Easter this year. Work and home have been unusually mental and we could sure use some downtime (if you call cooking Easter lunch for 8 people downtime). The school holidays have beautifully coincided with Easter this year so there has been much seasonal crafting. Thom excelled in the crepe paper stuffing of clear eggs for the branch.

$2.80 shops are the best for odd craft supplies

I even went one step further this year and made an Easter wreath for the front door. I'm a little wreath obsessed I admit. I find that they work best if you amass bits and bobs over time and have a beautiful wreath base so you don't have to cover the whole thing. You'll need a hot glue gun too because you need instant grip of odd shaped items like eggs, felt flowers etc

it wouldn't be Easter without those chicks
The branch looks particularly pretty.  I wrapped it in different coloured wool first and then dotted it with those crazy yellow chickens. It showcases both this years clear eggs and last years bedazzled gilded ones.

a hot glue gun is your best friend to get this much stuff on!
The front door wreath was so successful someone passing by asked me where I bought it! She then offered to buy it off the door which was sweet but a little crazy. It only took me 30 minutes and cost about $10 (wreath from a $2 shop, papier mache eggs covered in  scrap fabric and lace trim, felt flowers made out of cheap acrylic felt which is better outdoors, and Peter Rabbit acting as the Easter bunny  printed out from the internet and mounted on cardboard - it's not rocket science).

looks great in my Iggy and Lou Lou vase!

We'll be back next Tuesday with a show of the week. We hope you all have a lovely break with family and friends, eat some chocolate, read a book, listen to the rain, have tea, ignore the housework, sleep in. 

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