making and baking

Apologies for our week off air, but what with Easter, school holidays, ongoing health issues and crazy chocolate fueled children we've kind of been swamped. This hasn't however meant that we haven't been busy making, we still both manage to find time to get creative even if its in a stolen half hour between boys bath and bedtime.

While I tend to work on longer term projects that can be picked up and put down easily like tapestry weaving and coiled baskets Ramona knocks out new works on a daily basis like some kind of crazy making machine - you can see the results of her current totem obsession above. Having these long weekends is such a luxury for home crafters, giving you a whole day to get busy on bigger projects (like overdue wedding gifts) without having to think of the barrage of domestic duties and needy family members that fill regular weekends.

Over the past ten days Ramona's been busy with hand painted totems, paper flowers while I've been working on dyed indigo bedding, needle weaving, and baking... lots and lots of baking (I even broke my old oven over the weekend courtesy of my new-found obsession with freshly baked sourdough) and the kids have been making mine craft craft and covering the concrete with chalk drawings.

Busy busy crafting creatures we are... what did you get busy with over the long weekend? BECK

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