painted egg cups serve as place names for Sunday lunch

With only a week to go I thought I would start sharing some of my family Easter crafts past and present with you. Easter comes under the banner of a 'very big deal' in our home. Despite having let many of my childhood traditions slowly go (religious ones mainly) I cling to the Easter ones like old friends.  I give up something for lent, make hot cross buns, serve fish on Friday and decorate eggs for around the house.

Fabric covered eggs make good gifts for non chocaholics

I plan Easter egg hunts (Beck has the edge there with a beautiful sprawling backyard and a knack for hiding things in fruit trees). I go to the Stations of the Cross at the cathedral, and I always always watch Easter Parade. This year I also intend to make an Easter bonnet but I'll save that for another post.

last year's place name eggs can with gifts inside

We go for the mad rush at the market on the Friday for seafood and return on Saturday for the big weekly shop. Mum and I cook up a storm on Easter Sunday, this year my daughter's boyfriend (whose nickname is baker boy) is in charge of sweeties. I've put in an order for a plaited sweet bun, and some hot cross buns for breakfast.

yeah I will gild and bedazzle ANYTHING

Haven't decided on the menu yet but am enjoying pouring over cookbooks for inspiration. My mother always puts in an order for roast chook as it's what she grew up with, her own grandmother choosing which one would get the chop from the backyard.

Thom made these a couple of days ago - crazy cute.

I've always been so envious of northern hemispereans as they are celebrating Spring at Easter while the autumn chill is settling on us here.It's good weather for hearty soups and crusty breads so who am I to complain?

these stencilled papier mache eggs are a favourite
It doesnt matter where your belief systems operate for this holiday. It's about taking a couple of days off to rest, recuperate, rejoice in each other's company and sing along with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire (oh and to go hunting for rarities on record store day of course!) RAMONA


librarygirl said...

Love the way you "do" Easter, with faith and hope among the choc eggs. I can't bear the total secularisation of Easter and still find it a moving slightly emotional celebration despite not being a church goer for a few decades! Your house will be so festive with all these pretty decorations x

Ramona said...

Dear Library girl, as a family slowly letting go the vestiges of Catholicism (quite hard for us) we always aim to keep the spirit of the celebration and incorporate some more secular aspects. What I've come to realise is they are never that far apart if you focus on home, family and friends. Breaking bread together is always cause for celebration x