How low can you go...

While Ramona holds down HML HQ me and the boys are spending time in our 70's caravan down in San Remo. The show of the year down here is the annual Kustom Nats which is pretty spectacular, and you know what fans of a rocking subculture craft we ladies of HML are. Hot Rodders and to a lesser extent muscle car enthusiasts all make the pilgrimage for a three day gathering of the clan. 

photo by crcooperphotography
There's a lot for the craft lover to like about the custom car scene and we've long been of the opinion that pinstriping in particular should be celebrated more within the craft lexicon. 

Such highly specialised skills are practiced by masters that have spent a lifetime learning their impressive skills. Like sign-writing and letterpress we hope to see this craft make a comeback as a new generation of graphic artists fall in love with the allure of super sized motor art and join their local club.

photo by crcooperphotography

Of course I'm a big fan of graduated glitter, matt black and ghost flames but I was particularly pleased to see the resurgence of lace paint jobs, - serious lowriding awesomeness that almost had me convinced to approve the architects purchase of a 64 chevy impala station wagon for his next project. Almost. BECK
wanna see more? crcooperphotography or #kustomnats2014 on instagram.

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