dip dyed beads, chalkboard paint gift box, stitched card and polymer clay jewellery
While Beck and her boys are sunning themselves (with periodic rain drenching) down coastal way I'm stuck at home with my brood wishing I could get away. But alas alack both funds and work commitments mean that this summer is a stay at home vacation for me. So I've been crafting a lot, what a surprise right?
wool stash being used to help me learn crochet fabric eggs are a bit pre-emptive I know!
Just little projects that only take 30 minutes or so (the fabric eggs took longer but were 'tv' craft) in between work work and home work. I'm starting to want to get stuck into a major project but am yet to settle on one thing. So for now I'm happy to puddle along, going through craft boxes to finish some works in progress and make the odd card or two for early birthdayers.

crepe paper flowers, cards and gift boxes.
Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen these so apologies but there are still so many of you who haven't crossed over to the shorthand social media. so I thought I'd share these with you. I hope your summer (and winter if you are northern hemisphere brrrrr) times are going well and you have recovered from the TRAUMA of 2013 (yes everyone had a bad year). This one is going ok so far? RAMONA

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Saskia (1=2) said...

LOVE the stitched card, gift boxes & crepe paper flowers Ramona. Yet to cross over to Insta but getting tempted by the day. The next 3 weeks are a stay-at-home holiday for us, & that coupled with the roasting weather means it'll be craft-a-rama here too. May have to steal your stitched card idea – thinking Xmas trees on green card for next year.