NY door branch made with air dry clay
The ladies of HML aren't big fans of New Years Resolutions. There is a tendency to self criticise in those lists that we find unhelpful (eat less! walk more! Make more! Buy less!). We try and make those kind of resolutions quietly and every day and just get on with things. We do have a few crafty resolutions that we thought we'd share with you. Most of them are already underway but we are calling this the Year of Consolidation so it's as good a day as any to make the list

5. Include a handmade element with every gift
4. invest in handmade ceramics, jewellery, wood, glass and textiles
3. See craft and design based exhibitions every month
2. Visit regional galleries and retailers to see what is happening beyond the inner city
1. Finish our MAJOR NOT SO TOP SECRET PROJECT (nearly there)

oh and of course eat less, walk more, make more, buy less.

Happy New Year
Love Beck and Ramona x

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librarygirl said...

Happy New Year Beck and Ramona!