taking notes

I have to admit that if the one thing that making Christmas presents has taught me over the years is that simpler is better, save the more complex handmade gifts for birthdays. A scarf instead of a jumper, a lavender bag instead of a quilt etc.

I have a great collection of stencils and a current obsession with gilding so combining the two on some plain store bought notebooks was and easy peasy 30 minute project. The gilding will tarnish over time but I think that just adds to it.  I have made notebooks from scratch in the past and absolutely love it, but when there are more than three to make I just don't have the time.

Notebooks are fantastic presents for hard to buy for friends. Everyone loves them and uses them. By personalising them you add that handmade element without too much stress. 

Stencils, stamps, stickers, a little drawing or a collage is all it takes. Be bold be brave! And start now because we only have 55 days to go. It should be a joy to make things for gifts not a stressful drudgery (says me who was quilting tea cosies on Christmas eve with a 4 week old baby on the dining table next to me a few years ago!) RAMONA

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