postcards from the edge

It would be a strange thing to be regarded as a 'living treasure'. There are a number of those makers held in such high regard. Marian Hosking falls into this category and with 40 years of making and teaching behind her it makes sense.

What's interesting is how Hosking continues to be impressive as a maker, producing fresh new work combined with virtuosic skill. She turns to face the the natural world that operates on such a different timeline to our urban point of view. The change of seasons, the effect of drought and flood, the shifts and struggles our landscape offers up to this makers eye.

Hosking's new show Greetings From... at Gallery Funaki showcases her eye for detail and flair for surface treatment. Subtle and stunning at the same time. An important show, and a very beautiful one.

Greetings From... runs until November 23rd
Gallery Funaki
4 Crossley Street 
Melbourne City

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