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It's always gratifying to see more than one show at the same venue. It feels efficient doesn't it? admittedly this only works if the programming has been curated and planned so that shows that rub shoulders don't grate on each other's conceptual nerves. Last week a slew of new shows opened at the cavernous C3 Gallery at Abbotsford Convent, two of which a have a welcome sympatico.

Robyn Hosking
Ceramic artist Robyn Hosking has developed quite the reputation for cultural and political commentary in her complex and almost kinetic work. Her exhibition Federal Follies takes the idea of the satirical political cartoon and turns it into 3d form with curious caricatures of the likes of Abbott, Gillard and Rudd that examine the circus that has define recent times.

Clementine Edwards
Jeweller Clementine Edwards looks further afield at more international current affairs, specifically the Boston Bombings in her show State of Emergency. The ideas behind the volatile mix of fame, fear, media and language that modern warfare and terrorism is made up of. Wont it be interesting to see how a jeweller approaches these complex ideas? We think so. RAMONA

Federal Follies and State of Emergency 23 Oct -10 Nov
C3 Gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 10-5pm

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