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We're big fans of the barter system. Lord knows as makers we are often rich in materials, skills and product but poor in cold hard cash.  Christopher L G Hill  is certainly not short on materials, skills or ideas. His fantastic back catalogue " negotiates ideas of freedom as mediated through the self, others and objects... using the language or objects to undulate between the objective and subjective in both a concrete and emotional way"... sounds like craft practice to me. His latest project Free Feudal Barter Store promises much but given his virtually perfect strike rate so far its bound to deliver in spades. Using a second hand display aesthetic his 'pop up shop' operates as gallery studio meets medieval market and explores the various terms, methodologies and implications of exchange while underscoring the relational value of Capital within the arts. Hills work employs sound, debris, politics, performance and objects in a highly charged and engaging anarcho-syndaclist context - always enlightening and more often than not seriously entertaining. He's great, so this will be too. BECK

Feudal Barter Store 
Gertrude Contemporary
200 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.
opens Friday

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