no hama in that
I can't believe it has taken me this long to try Hama bead crafting. Beck is highly proficient in the melty bead craft having made some David Lee Roth inspired thunderbolts some time ago that I was in complete awe of. For some reason Hama and I had not held hands before but all that is different now after a week of multi generational play.
There is an almost unlimited colour range to choose from
Hope was intrigued by the translucent beads and made this pacman like pendant that she's been wearing ever since. As a design student she takes even the simplest of craft activities pretty seriously and has since put in orders for more clear and striped beads.
Thom approached his project with the usual intensity
Thom wasn't interested in making patterns, he just wanted to fill in the trays with bright riotous colour. He decided these were magic shields for his room so we stuck them on his wall. His little fingers were kept busy for a good couple of hours over three days. He was remarkably intense about it.
think I need better findings but love the colours
I had purposely ordered industrial colours to try and use the beads in an unexpected way. I have to say having spent the afternoon with Vicki Mason a few weeks ago I'm not as happy with store bought findings as I used to be. I was happy with the results, deciding not to over melt them to keep the holes which I like as a pattern feature. I'm pretty sure this makes them less durable which is a downer. Back to school/uni/work now as the week of Hama draws to a close.  RAMONA

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