pot calling the kettle black

As regular readers know we here at HML have quite the collection of craft books. I spend many hours a week pouring over them both new and old.  I was researching sewing and embroidery this week and saw that most of the new books had very similar projects in them. The ubiquitous pot holder featured in nearly every book!

Of course the potholder is perfect size to learn new techniques and get a project done quickly. they also make great presents (with a wooden spoon or a some cooks soap perhaps?) and I was surprised by the variety to be found in this humble little square.

I've also started to wonder what sort of books really proficient crafters are interested in. Everything seems to be aimed at the beginner, the time poor. I know of some domestic crafters that are way beyond the skill levels in these sweet tomes.

It also occurred to me that that I never use pot holders. I have many of them but always go for the tea towel instead. And let me tell you for every pot holder pattern there are three tea towel ones. Let's face it it - so many of these books are full of squares of various sizes. pot holder, tea towel, tote, cushion cover, quilt, curtain. Maybe the pot holders are not such a bad place to start. RAMONA


librarygirl said...

Only use the 2 hands mitt type pot holders....harder to sew but more practical because you just hang them over the oven door handle with the tea towel!
Looking forward to seeing your book when It's published!

Sandra Eterovic said...

I thoroughly agree that craft books often assume that readers are beginners, and their projects look similar.
Lena Corwin's book on screen printing is the only craft book that I own that looks challenging. But maybe that is because beyond the occasional potato I actually AM a screen printing novice....