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As regular readers will know, the ladies of HML have gone workshop mad this year. We have to say that the latest was the greatest. We were quite cynical about the Topknot Macramé workshop. Could we really learn how to make something beautiful out of rope in under three hours (well under as we were the annoying LATE LADIES - urgh)?  Our hats go off to teachers Kashia Kennedy and Katie Dello - they were indeed a dynamic duo!

They were well organised, informative and super friendly and patient (despite many a dodgy square knot at the start). In the end we were so chuffed with out finished pieces. These are the HML hanging baskets. Mine a sort of jaunty nautical blue, Beck a retro orange complete with chunky brown and blond beads.

I think a sign of a successful workshop is when you rush home and make another one. Beck's second attempt is even better than the first and I sense a whole heap of hanging baskets in the backyard in time for spring.

Thom and I spent some time making a fake terrarium with little peeps and plastic moss (and lentils - let's face it my family won't eat them). He thought it was hilarious fun and we'll be doing more this together for sure.

Mine is going to end up in the bathroom but we are yet to find a strong enough hook so a backyard shot is all you'll get for now. Macrame, something we remember our mums doing in the 70's (and let's face it well into the 80's!). It's simple, it's useful, it's cheap, it's fun, and we think it rocks! RAMONA

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