markit in the diary

This Sunday sees the return of Markit at the atrium at Fed Square. We've grown quite fond of this one as for us it strikes a nice balance between the old and new, craft and design, shopping and socializing.

plants...so hot right now
I'm looking forward to seeing these screen printed planter boxes by Bengamin (weird spelling I know). I actually really appreciate the level of detail in these so I'm keen to get a closer look at one.

the jewellery version of smart casual
I really really like these copper and enamel bangles by Melanie Rice. They are easy to wear, and kinda spacey without being too youthful, does that make sense? She also has the best website we've seen for a while.

why buy Finnish when you can buy Australian?

We absolutely love the work of Sandra Bowkett. This Tallarook based maker travels up to the big smoke to deliver her gorgeous handmade pieces. How amazing is this 'stitched' cup and plate?

divine new work from the Queen of Craft
Our gorgeous friend Pen of Cottage Industry has started producing these incredible 'Ammo' bags that we can't wait to see. Made from actual canvas ammunition bags and gorgeous antique finish leather, they're a beacon of quality is a sea of dodgy screen printing and cheap clasps. I'm very tempted by one of them that has my this year age on it (wish I could say it was 36).

like a lolly necklace only cooler and inedible
And how sweet is this colour wheel necklace by Adelaide based label Days of August? Perfect for my soon to be 19 year old daughter. Traditionally we have always bought her presents at Markit as her birthday is in July and looks like this year will be no different. See you there people. RAMONA


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