Mikyoung Jung

I really struggle with glass. Beck has a fine collection of glass pieces and I know from talking to her and other glass collectors that when you love glass work you REALLY love it. But I have to admit I am completely besotted with these pieces by Mikyoung Jung at Kirra Gallery.

Something about the narrative nature of the work really appeals to me. The technical aspect of course its extraordinary. Glass by it's very nature requires a high level of skill. I was lucky enough to visit Canberra Glassworks a couple of years ago and I was struck by how physical a medium it is.

Here is the thing. I often think that with these very complex crafts something can get lost in terms of the finished work. I don't find its enough for me just to marvel at the skill involved in creation. I want some sort of energy or surprise in the work too. Is that too demanding if me as a collector or commentator? Probably. A big part of appreciating craft is about acknowledging skill. But for me that is only part of it.

This work satisfies me on all levels - it's brilliantly executed, it has narrative, it is thoughtful and the finished pieces are begging to be collected. Jung, originally from South Korea is finishing a PHD at Sydney College of the arts. You can see more of her work at her website here and at Kirra Galleries here. Well worth a look. RAMONA


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Stunning. Thanks for sharing.

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