dream weavers

So you know we did ourselves a tapestry workshop a couple of weekends ago. What you may not know (unless you follow us on Instagram in which case you'll already be all over this) is that we have both found it virtually impossible to stop ourselves from weaving since. Aside from the fact that we're both nuts for fibre art and yes i'm calling it fibre art because Sheila Hicks is one of my textile idols and I grew up reading loads of books like these ones here...

...but also because i've totally rediscovered why I spent three years at uni sitting in an attic alongside a wall of yarn doing the most 'uncool' specialist degree of anyone I knew and now my body memory just wants me to sit, thread heddles and push shuttles.

Ramona has discovered that weaving is incredibly south paw friendly, and has been giving her Martha stewart weaving kit a mega workout, she's even started making woven brooches and has gone and got herself a rigid heddle cricket loom from the states. I'm ordering myself a brand spanking four shaft... and upping the scale to move off the kitchen table and back onto the floor. We've also re-purposed a number of old picture frames into new tapestry looms so we can have multiple projects on the go at once.  Watch out world we may be about to give up our day jobs.  BECK


librarygirl said...

daughter has just started weave as part of her tex des degree. She love it! Thinks she wants to specialize in it.
Lordy it is so mathematical though I would be sobbing.

Beck said...

Fantastic!!! It's not so bad, you just get in the groove of it after a while. Unfortunately its all fallen out of my brain over the years and I'm well overdue for a refresher. I'm cramming in all my old weaving texts at the moment trying to make it all click again.