under my umbrella

Literally Ai Ai Gasa translates as 'Sharing an umbrella' in Japanese, however given a heady combination of pronunciation glitch and super kawaii it's also linguistic, diagramatic and symbolic teen crush code for sweethearts, so we really REALLY love the fact dynamic duo cat rabbit and the seven seas have titled their new at No Vacancy Ai Ai Gasa in direct reference. It would appear that after a two week winter stay in Tokyo the pair have been so stricken by the Japanese love bug that they've been hard pressed to stop thinking about it. 

We're both big fans of cat rabbit and the seven seas and this new collection of collaborative and individual works includes the soft sculpture, embroidery, needle-felting, plush, painting and installation we know and love them for. Beautifully realised, gorgeously crafted and seriously so perfectly pitched it's like a how to for aspiring contemporary indie artists. Social media and hipsters everywhere have been ALL over this show, and with good reason, it's an absolute delight, and yes the rumours are true there IS a wall of plush alpacas. Get in quick people, there's only one week left. BECK

check out the show at no vacancy gallery until May 19.
or get a sneak a peek behind the scenes here  on the super awesome opening hours.

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