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About 6 months ago I got my ears pierced for the first time. I know, I waited long enough right? This hadn't stopped me from buying, collecting an receiving earrings mind you and I have to admit I am enjoying wearing my treasure rather than just looking at them in the box. When I did finally take the plunge (or in this case the gun) I joked that at least now I can buy me some Peaches and Keen earrings, and to be honest it wasn't really a joke. I had long coveted their simple, playful modern style.

Beck and I could not be more excited about the launch of their new range Golden Peaks tomorrow night. Nothing more glam than swanning into a product launch and buying some baubles. Limited one-off pieces are enough of a shiny carrot to dangle in front of us to cross the river on a chilly Thursday night.

Congratulations to the lovely Lucy and Lily who are Peaches and Keen, we are as ever, huge fans and now avid collectors and wearers. RAMONA

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Saskia said...

Gorgeous range. Love the necklaces and crochet planters. Really beautiful launch invitation too!