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Two of our favourite makers have shows opening this week. Today sees amazing jeweller Claire McArdle explore notions of value and preciousness in her much anticipated exhibition 'Gilty' at the cooler than cool No Vacancy Gallery. Claire is one of those really great jewellers who has a very clear point of you. Her work is always narrative rich and engaging.

We sing the praises of Sandra Eterovic  a lot around here and I must confess to already having put a red spot on one of her new paintings on wood that are making their début this Wednesday at Hut 13 - the sweetest tiniest store in Armadale. 

I will have to make the effort to 'cross the river' (gadzooks!) to see this amazing new work in situ. Can't wait, truth be told. Sandra is subversive, funny and compassionate. Her work always engages us and makes us think (but in a non preachy way). The Jealous Curator wrote a great piece about her last week. You can read that here. RAMONA


librarygirl said...

just checked out Sandra's blog THANK YOU oh that art is gorgeous I have a doctor's appt in Armadale next week and will definitely visit the show!

Ramona said...

Oh Library Girl you are in for a treat! Sandra's work is even better in the real world!

Emma said...

J'adore Madame Eterovic xxx