It's a bit weird for us this week. We are having to really think about handmadelife, what it means to us and to you. The seminar has proven to be a great catalyst for new ideas and directions and there is now so much exciting stuff to look forward to.

This week I put my kids to work helping me make the showbags for tonight. Thom was more than happy to help with the badge washi tape embellishment.

I did a reprint of our nuttier than nutty zine Craftbusters which Hope dutifully washi taped too (theme anyone? Glitter is so 2012 right?) If you are attending tonight be sure to say hi. If not we'll be posting pics later next week. Back to regular programming tomorrow as I go visit the Quilt convention at the REB - hardcore craft at its best and worst I suspect. RAMONA

If you would like to come along to North City 4 tonight there are a couple of tix left here


librarygirl said...

Good luck tonight ladies!
Full report soon please.

Sylvia Ballerini Jewellery said...

Hi Ramona & Beck. I attended last night and it was an investment with an exec;lent return. Well Done and thank you so much.