WORKSHOP OF LAST WEEK (and the week before)

hot rock

The ladies of HML are going for some hardcore up-skilling this year. We are attending workshops, seminars, classes  -anything that will help us understand process. The past two weekends we were thrilled to spend some quality time with one of our favourite artists Kirsten Perry as she taught us to master the art of concrete planter casting at Craft Victoria.

Week one was messy hard work, mixing concrete, pouring into moulds. lots of stirring involved! But so very exciting come week two when we cracked those babies open to see some really stunning results. We can't take credit for those gorgeous gold numbers - they were very cleverly created by Craft curator Debbie Pryor and her gorgeous friend Rowie. Amazing what paint will do to transform and object.

I was happier with my neon trimmed bubble wrap impressed planter once I got some actual flora in there (and fauna if you count the cute bambi)

I was so enamoured with the gold paint I redid my round planter /badger home with spray paint (much easier that way).

Beck had more success with hers I think. This one is like something from the set of Yo Gabba Gabba, which let's face it, is a happy place for her!

My absolute favourite is her Japanese brutalist architecture ikebana inspired block of brilliance. It just looks amazing. We had the greatest fun and have rushed out to buy more cement to hone our casting skills. Nothing more fun than learning something new. RAMONA


judi said...

I love the use of a heavy industrial product and how you've transformed it into beautiful objects ..some of which defy the heaviness of the medium....beautiful work guys

Sandra Eterovic said...

I need more cash to splash so that I can attend every workshop going this year!!! (I did take seriously your radio-announced prediction that this will be the year of the workshop...) I so wish that I could have attended Kirsten's classes.

Thanks so much for mentioning my work/ show below!!!