wood is good

I've been doing a lot of research in to the work of mid 20th Century architect and textile designer Alexander Girard lately.  I saw the image of these dolls and just fell madly in love with them. A champion of folk art, a collector of nativities and early adopter of the softies craze (he commissioned artist Marilyn Neuhart to make 100 of them for the opening of his store in 1961)

I can't say my little doll family quite captures the surreal circus vibe of Girard's little group - I think I need weirder shapes for that but looking at his work I learnt so much about how unexpected composition and pattern can make even the smallest of craft projects come to life.

These guys look like they should be starring in their own little stop motion animated romantic comedy! It is a small friend's birthday in June so I have a bit of time to make a bag to go with them. RAMONA

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