beady eyes
The ladies of HML have become a bit bead obsessed of late (have you noticed?) between air dry clay, glow in the dark fimo and now raw wood beads.
Liberty print beads@ Louis Vuitton
I'd originally bought these to do one of those fabric tube stuffed with wood bead neck things (I'm sure they have a more official name than that). I saw there was a $800 Louis Vuitton version a couple of years ago that I loved but was well out of my tax bracket. I had bought a beautiful palette of blues for another project and I couldn't resist.
There is a lot to consider with this kind of project. How to paint the beads, how to dry the beads and then then what order to string them in.  I was going to be a bit more random but I I found after a lot of playing around symmetry is best (surprise surprise).  I bought a bag of 100 beads from here. I only used half for this project so what will I do next? RAMONA

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