nice workroom if you can get it

Sometimes I get lucky at work and get to do something I secretly want to do off duty while on duty. A week ago today was just such a day. The lovely ladies of Harvest Textiles currently have provided Craft with a stack of hand printed tea towels  (as modelled in situ by Craft Retail Co-ordinator Anita Cummins below) which come gratis as part of the welcome pack to new peeps joining up as members of Craft. 

They are a incredibly generous trio, and clever too - they came up with a canny plan to enlist the staff at Craft to print the new batch at their Brunswick studio... a brilliant win win for everyone! 

We know we go on about this space, but really to use a Castle-ism "it's the vibe" - a gorgeous space to work in, loads of natural light, pot plants, prints, relaxed atmosphere and great, GREAT people. Everywhere you look you find little tableaux of awesome eye candy.

Seriously each time I'm there I just want to quit my job and start making stuff full time. So it was great to be able to spend the day printing up their beautiful design in neon pink and orange, while chatting about kids, art, food and life and imagining that this was my real job (insert wistful sigh). Unfortunately it was all over too soon, leaving me no other choice but to sign up for more time in the studio as soon as possible.

As per usual this year they have an amazing list of workshops and classes to join up for, and a fantastic list of up coming artists in residence. I've booked myself into a three day experimental dye intensive with Jo Fowles in April which I've been promising myself for an age but never managed to get around to. Let's see how hard it is to get back into the office after that's finished! BECK

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