gilding the lily

the goods from Blank
I have been dreaming of these little stacking houses since they first came out late last year. I finally succumbed and, combined with my new obsession of gilding everything, made for one very happy craft session at the dining table.

I had to stretch out the project over three days to let everything dry properly (paint, gilding, glazing) but I am so pleased with how they turned out. I know they should be a gift for someone (right Beck?) but I'll be hard pressed to part with them!

Beck has also inspired me to play with polymer (her latest/oldest obsession) and I of course had to add gold leaf to it. The beads turned out quite well for a first time go, I think they need some lovely red linen cord to finish them off. As I was gilding (bits of gold foil flying through the living room still!) I thought "wouldn't this be great on Easter eggs"...? RAMONA

Houses are $22 +post from blankgoods.com.au
Oven dry clay and gold leaf is from overtherainbow.com.au


Sandra Eterovic said...

Loving the houses, loving the gold on all of it....
Of course I had to be completely cliched and buy a set of nesting dolls, which will probably sit on my desk for 5 years.

Unknown said...

I've still got both the set of houses and nesting folks I bought last year hopefully sitting on mine... Beck

www.PaperBagKits.com said...

oooh you've inspired me to try out some gilding!