busy beader 

Back in the dark ages of my high school years I had a neat little business in fimo jewellery which I would flog to my schoolmates over lunchtime - it was great fun, and provided me with much needed pocket money to pay for my illicit but completely pre-requisite 'winnie blues' which I believed would keep me in the in-crowd despite my red hair and acne. Thankfully my nicotine addiction, belief in social props and (mostly)  pimples  have now long disappeared. What has remained however is my love of polymer mediums and bead stringing, and let's face it - beads are so hot right now - and i'm nothing if not a bandwagoneer. So along with my current basket obsession I confess I have also become a something of a midnight beader.

Once the kids are asleep out comes the Sculpey and away I go. Not every night, but at least once a week, and I'm loving it. It's incredibly therapeutic (adult play-doh anyone) and as the results are virtually instantaneous it totally satisfies my short term craft cravings. 

I've accumulated quite a stash of ready mades so I can quickly whip up a last minute birthday present at the drop of a hat, however I will confess that while I've handed over quite a few to family and friends the two above I've decided to hang on to! 

I'm now also adding in found bits and pieces and wooden and glass beads from online sources, which is allowing me to make pieces which I think have more interesting textural and colour variety. And of course any excuse to buy craft supplies online i'm totally up for. I'm pretty happy with the way their going (please excuse bad selfie modelling below) and am now starting to seriously build up my own accessory collection.

But I think i'm ready to ratchet production up a little and start working my way to a much bigger project... Next stop bead curtain. BECK


librarygirl said...

I'm very inspired..... your necklaces and beads look FAB.

Beck said...

aw shucks librarygirl... thanks!