the wind beneath our wings

Just in case you haven't seen it we thought you would all enjoy these images snatched of Ghostpatrol's website. He was Invited to paint a wind turbine at Hepburn Wind Farm as part of the Sustainable  Living Festival. This is now one of the loveliest pieces of public art and a real feat of  stamina and style.

We were talking about how much we respect and admire Ghostpatrol. His career trajectory has been based on a series of choices grounded in authenticity. What do we mean by that? 

I guess it's that old school concept of not selling out, not saying yes to everything, working with great people and not marketing yourself as a brand or a concept. The work does the work. RAMONA

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judi said...

totally agree..love his work ..and that of his collaborators.He could quite easily have gone down a different path where quick $$ and mass popularity would have been his.
l admire the road he's chosen.