nature calls

So this is Craft with a capital 'C' now. Metalsmith Julie Blyfield has a phenomenal new show Second Nature at the very fancypants Gallery Funaki. Blyfield continues her ongoing observation of the natural world using the perfect organic shapes to create elegant wearable pieces and hollowware.

The ladies of HML have a bit of a thing for hollowware. Steeped in a long tradition of metalsmithing, when you see it done beautifully (as in the work of Vito Bila, Marion Hosking and Alison Jackson) it seems an almost impossible craft to master and as such completely seduces the viewer. Blyfield has created such delicate shimmering pieces the negative space within the vessels seems to glow.

That coupled with Blyfield's sensitive interpretation of native fauna make this a really gorgeous, quiet and contained show.

Second Nature runs from now til March 2
Gallery Funaki 4 Crossley Street, Melbourne
Gallery opening hours: 11am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday, 11am – 4pm Saturday


Charlie said...

So beautifully light! Thanks for sharing this.

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