warp speed

Plastic pop culture and old school handicraft come together in a happy and all too short marriage in Mardi Nowak's new tapestry show 'Sampler' at Handheld Gallery. Images of Kylie, Lady Gaga and Roisin Murphy are frozen by the pause button and lovingly recreated in small but simply fabulous work.

Anyone who grew up glued to RAGE or MTV (do kids still do that?probably not) will sympathise with Nowak's love of the musical moving image. Those saturated colours, heightened emotions, melodrama and mayhem all feed into an adolescent fantasy life unmatched by any other medium.

If you are looking for perfect weaving, clean edges and neatness then this isn't the place to go, and I think that is just fine. There is something so joyful, so youthful (for want of a better word) about the work I can't help for a little Gaga on my wall. RAMONA

'Sampler' by Mardi Nowak
until Feb 16
Handheld Gallery
paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street
Melbourne City

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Love the Mardi and have not seen anything of hers in YEARS -- her new work is even more fantastic. YAY. :) Thanks Ramona.