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Calling Beci Orpin's  Find and Keep a craft book is a bit of a misnomer. Yes there are projects, yes there is a paper garland, washi tape, and even a touch of macrame. But it is so much more than that. The projects are sweet, but they are not the real substance of the book. Orpin gives us a unique and personable insight into her life and work and the whole thing is rich with colour and generosity of spirit.

There is also a deep kindness too. Every step of the way she tells us to do it our way, to choose our colours, our inspiration, objects that make us happy. Orpin is not telling us how to live, she is just inviting us into her space which is purely inspiration rather than aspiration.

There were several projects I did find really appealing. The cross stitched pegboard was a winner. instead of the plain white I sprayed mine 'Julia Child Blue' (my food hero had a giant blue pegboard in her kitchen). I also doubled up projects and put white paper underneath when I was spraying to create polka dotted wrapping paper.

This is a great gift book, and I confess I have gifted it to myself. I've also seen it at wildly different prices around town and online. It's not a craft book, it's a book about a young, innovative and much loved designer who celebrates the domestic handmade with her signature style, and in this instance, lovely openness.  RAMONA

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Jac here -Oooops i am so embarrasssed - that book is wrapped up in xmas paper with yr name on it - It's feb and i have a bag of bazza blease goodies that have been staring at me since December!!! Aggghhhhh....i'll make a switch and call youfor an eyeball - Jaxo